Final Event9/11/2009 10:00:00 AM


  • Focusing on gaining knowledge and developing thinking abilities and scientific research.
  • Emphasizing on the importance of GIS and RS as tools for analysis in environment and physical planning applications.
  • Creating new educational approaches through various visions and ways of using modern methods and tools in the practical and theoretical field.


  • Generating different and advanced fields of urban planning and environmental science using GIS and RS.
  • Creating and mastering various systems for research and learning.
  • Enriching and supporting the Egyptian community through producing new generation of Egyptian planners and engineers to overcome he challenges that face the development.


  • Our project aims to introduce the e-learning model as means of education in Egypt in the field of planning and the environment, particularly using GIS and RS as tools.
  • It is intended to prepare a new generation of Egyptian planners and engineers with a modern and multidisciplinary outlook, well prepared to meet the country's progress towards socio-economic and environmental integrated development.

Outputs and Outcomes

  • Wider communication and cooperation between the EU and Egypt in the academic field.
  • Recognition and improvement of e-learning model in the academic system in Egypt.
  • Increased use of modern tools in the planning process.
  • Increased environmental awareness among planners and practitioners.


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