Final Event9/11/2009 10:00:00 AM

  • Introducing the e-Learning model as a mean of education in Egypt, particularly for profes-sionals and for people in remote areas.

  • Providing a base for e-Learning on campus for a postgraduate scientific degree in GIS.

  • Evaluate and improve the e-Learning model in Egypt.

  • Developing courses that integrate environ-mental aspects in physical planning process using new technology (GIS & RS) to address the needs of the current development trends Egypt.

  • Developing appropriate course curriculum for courses that can be applied in both European and MEDA partner countries.

  • Improving accessibility and dissemination of course contents, by translating some parts of the courses into Arabic language and with the help of the e-Learning models. The project aims to increase dissemination to students that are less acquainted with English language, which is often the case for students already professionally active.

  • Improving interaction between academic staff, practitioners and decision makers.

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